A little game : Hidden !

Players: +4

Context :

Bojan always has ideas for activities or games to get people in the mood! Whether it’s to break the ice, energize or collaborate, these games are always designed to develop skills, often the ones you don’t think of first!

About the creator :

Bojan Markicevic, our Croatian SPOONER, is experienced facilitator and senior science communication consultant with geophysics and physics background. He is involved in teaching and STEaM teacher training both at formal and informal level. He currently teaches physics in Zagreb XIII gymnasium high school and Velika Mlaka primary school. Bojan collaborates intensively as the Coordinator of the Centre for advancement of education within Science and Society Synergy Institute based in akovec, Croatia. He works as a lecturer for undergraduate students at the Center for research and interdisciplinarity in Paris, France, within Paris Descartes university as a coordinator for transversal scientific skills. With French colleagues he founded a non-profit association Atelier des Jours a Venir where he works as a senior science education and communication consultant. Within the association he is delivering workshops on topics like scientific integrity and scientific literacy for PhD and Postdoctoral students. Between 2013 and 2015 he co-leaded a PhD course at ETH, Zurich. He is actively involved as an educator and mentor trainer for the Summer Science Factory since its beginning in 2007. In 2009 he gathered international and interdisciplinary team where science communication was developed as a conflict management tool, giving birth to the Con-Sol project (Constructive Solutions). Bojan has been invited to present that particular project at universities all over the world and has so far held lectures and workshops at Beijing University, VU University Amsterdam, St Mary’s University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and UCLA in California. Bojan is lecturer at SISSA Masterclass of science communication in Trieste, Italy. He collaborated with Science Center Network in Vienna at training the methodic STEM teacher trainers. In the last 3 years he works intensively with Croatian academic and research network where he trains STEM teachers on integration of research oriented teaching processes and innovative teaching techniques.

Goal: Identify the hidden player/s.

Gameplay :

  1. One player is chosen as game facilitator
  2. The facilitator thinks in one word related to STEM, for example star
  3. The facilitator whispers in the ear the word to each player, but instead of star, the whisperer will say HIDDEN to one or more players. 
  4. A round starts. Each player has to say a word related to the facilitators word: sun, astronomy, comet, telescope
  5. The one/s that have heard HIDDEN have to conceal it, saying a word based on what he/she has heard from the rest.
  6. The players cannot say the same word as the facilitator. If someone says it, it is uncovered as a HIDDEN player.
  7. The players have to discuss and agree who is/are the HIDDEN players.

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