The Swedish road service

Data collection, Repeat and reproduce

Learning goals:

In this activity students learn that it necessary to repeat measurements as there is a natural variation in the measurements which directly influences the quality of the claim. Repeating measurements allows for calculating an average, estimating a spread in the measurements, and indicating the reliability of the measured values.Students learn that it is wise to share and compare data. Similar results (reproducible values) lead to larger validity of the conclusions. Students learn that a line of best fit is not always a straight line, it is a line that goes through as many as possible data points and the line allows to predict values outside the measured range as best as possible. Students learn that when determining a relationship, one might first look at what happens with the value of the dependent variable when the value of the independent variable doubles. 

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MEASUREMENT NOTIONS : Use In French training courses “Quantities, measurements and instrumentation” curriculum and classroom activities

By Jean-Daniel HIHI, Professor of Physics – Chemistry at the college (11-15 years old) and trainer at the MSA.

First of all, I would like to thank Freek POLS as well as Bojan MARKICEVIC and Suncan STILINOVIC for the activities they have proposed. I would also like to thank my colleague Jean-Christophe GRIMONT for our discussions and his contributions to the pedagogy and didactics of mathematics.

. Here are some comments, remarks and additions concerning the activitie that I discovered during our meetings in Strasbourg and Bilbao.

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