EarthVarious – see the earth turning on your phone

Have you ever dreamt of being Atlas and carrying the Earth at the tip of your fingers? To observe the Earth like a pale blue dot, together with all lifeforms around its thin surface, and the geophysical phenomena at play on it (as once more or less declared poetically by M. Carl Sagan some time ago)? Here you can see the demo of an AR (Augmented Reality) software developed at IPGS, EOST, CNRS/University of Strasbourg, called EarthVarious.

The Full Demo video is here.

The App Earthvarious works on Android. It was developed using Unity and Vuforia. It is a “serious game”, free to download and use, to have fun with kids, students, friends, or for yourself !:
Downloadable link together with the printable material with the objects to recognize in AR here.

This app was developed by Renaud Toussaint, trainer at Maison pour la Science and researcher at the University of Strasbourg.

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