Inspirational encounters

 In order to encourage STEAM vocations among young people, several institutions are making various proposals for activities. For other organizers and educational players  models that can be adapted to the needs of each one.

Some projects are very local and attach value to the environment (0 km STEM), such as ‘Looking for a Plan for the region’ (28 km).  Others are more focused on visits to specific, unique centres or facilities, such as the CFM and the DIPC.  Some activities are related to long-distance projects such as ‘FLL’ or ‘Bizilabe’. Many carry out interviews or organise meetings and gatherings with scientists, sometimes at a very high international level, such as Una pregunta para ti.  In all of them, however, special attention has been paid to gender equality, ethnicity, social classes, etc., as in the case of Neska Power.  The intergenerational relationship is evident in other initiatives, including ‘UNI’.  The learning derived from the exchange of ideas is highlighted in others such as: ‘Ekintze-Hitza’ and ‘Peer meeting’.  Finally, learning by doing is evident in initiatives such as the ‘Congress of Small Researchers’, ‘Teknoliderrak’, ‘Zientzia-Attack’ or ‘Enpresa katak’. Although they have different characteristics, they have something that unites them: they are all collaborative.

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