Organisation: CIC nanoGUNE.

Original name of the project: La ciencia es cosa de las chicas.

Duration of the meetings: Workshop of approximately 3 hours.

Venue: CIC NanoGUNE Headquarters


 Secondary and Sixth Form students. Led by nanoGUNE researchers, girls are “nanoscientists” for one day.

In groups of 4-5 students, with the help of professional researchers, an activity is carried out in NanoGUNE.

They are given a chip and a laboratory card, various measurements and experiments are carried out, and the results are recorded.

The participating girls have the opportunity to project themselves in a work environment of this type.

At the end they have a snack and are given an opportunity to talk about their interests.


  • By participating without family and teachers, their self-confidence is reinforced.
  • It is an encounter between equals, characterized by closeness.
  • Gender roles are fully overcome.
  • Participants get to know the researchers and their professional environments, tools, etc.
  • It allows them to ward off freakism.

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