Organisation: Elhuyar.

Duration of the meetings: 5-6 sessions of 2 hours each.

Venue: Bizilabe


 These are monitored Attack Science sessions in which young people will experiment in areas of interest to them. They are very practical thematic monographic workshops designed to allow the participants to experiment, investigate, touch and perform in a collaborative environment;  they also encourage the work of heterogeneous groups and provide an opportunity to participate in an enjoyable way. The activities have been designed by STEM professionals with semi-professional equipment.

The aim is to continue to deepen their projects by working on them in a friendly atmosphere, while working on self-confidence through capacity building.


  • Citizen co-responsibility is encouraged.
  • Identification of problems, proposal of solutions and development of projects.
  • Possibilities are offered to practice science in a freely.
  • Students decide what to investigate.
  • A critical society is fostered.

Read here the complete ebook STEM professionals to inspire young people

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