Organisation: Passionate researchers.

 Original name of the project: Passionate researchers.

Duration of the meetings: 1 month.

Venue: homes and schools.


The action is divided into two sessions: in the first session, the students are given a challenge (for example, not to irrigate the plants or to irrigate them with different types of water: dirty water, distilled water, water with fertilizer or sea water) and are given an explanation (care of the plants and the measurement parameters are agreed).

 One month later, the students explain the results obtained. In congress format, each working group presents its results to the whole class and the researchers. Finally, the conclusions are discussed. Between the two sessions, researchers and students exchange messages to clarify doubts or explain the progress made.


  • The students put themselves in the role of the researchers and learn how an experiment is carried out.
  • They study methodology.
  • The methodology is flexible: adaptable to all ages.
  • Ideal for children.

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