Organisation: Elhuyar-Bizilabe.

Duration of the meetings: one and a half hours.

Original name of the project: Researchers once a month in Bizilabe.

Venue: Bizilabe


 Young people work as researchers and inventors in leisure activities, once a week. In this context, young people have the opportunity to spend time once a month with a STEM researcher. In addition to motivating young people, the researchers contribute towards the inspiration of their projects. The monthly visit consolidates the relationship between the young group of people and the researcher, and as the young people progress through the projects, they can receive contributions, advice and suggestions from the researchers. In this way, professional STEM becomes a point of reference for young people, since it goes beyond the professional sphere to the personal sphere.


  • Creation of a forum for professionals in the STEM sector.
  • Creation of a multidisciplinary forum.
  • To obtain the support and involvement of companies and players.
  • To establish close relations between young people and professionals.
  • Giving visibility.

Read here the complete ebook STEM professionals to inspire young people

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