Organisation: Iraurgi Berritzen.

Original name of the project: Construyendo juntos

Duration of the meetings: about one hour.

Venue: Headquarters of players and schools.


 Students are the protagonists of the learning process and work on values and skills related to entrepreneurship. In order to do this, the students are guided to investigate the reality of the socioeconomic players in the region. In the process we work with different players.

 Through the situations/challenges that the students have to analyse, they visit different socioeconomic players in the region and get to know their daily lives. In the meeting, in addition to encouraging dialogue, the aim is to encourage access to the professionals‚Äô workplaces, thus generating experiences for young people.


  • Teenagers see how professionals handle real cases and challenges.
  • Internal knowledge of the economic environment of the Urola Valley.

Read here the complete ebook ‚ÄúSTEM professionals to inspire young people‚Ä̬†

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