Organisation: Elhuyar.

Original name of the project: Encuentro de pares en el marco de la Zientzia Azoka.

Duration of the meetings: 1 hour plus the necessary hours of preparation.

Place: STEM professional work centres.


 Students work on scientific or technological projects throughout the academic year for the Elhuyar Zientzia Azoka initiative. In addition, at the Peer Encounter they receive advice from university researchers and other STEM professionals, as well as advice from young people.

 The participants will have to present their projects to the audience in a 3-minute explanation. Subsequently, the group of young people or STEM professional, gives the presenter a “flower” and a “new idea” for the project presented. Then the roles are swapped, as the pairs change, and the process is repeated 5-6 times. In the end, both young people and STEM professionals will have received 5-6 “new ideas” and “flowers” for their projects.


  • Young people and professionals become more confident about their projects.
  • They work on communication skills, creativity and improvisation.
  • Knowledge is shared. Young people receive ideas.
  • Actions are carried out in the local environment.
  • Researchers are also inspired. It is also positive and motivating for teachers.

Read here the complete ebook STEM professionals to inspire young people

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