BEST PRACTICE 13 – With the grandparents to the UNI

Organisation: Passionate researchers

 Original name of the project: With the grandparents to the University.

Duration of the meetings: 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hours)

Venue: school, university.


 Secondary school students go to the university with their grandparents. A session to share mutual knowledge is organized in advance at school to transform the image of the scientists and to explain what they need when they go to university to carry out experiments.

The details of the initiative are explained to the grandparents in advance so that they can relax when they go to the university.

In the second session, the students go to the university with their grandparents to carry out a series of experiments: pigment chromatography, observation of stomata under the microscope, dyeing, and so on.

Grandparents participate to get the young students interested, and form laboratory pairs with them.


  • Knowledge of real laboratories.
  • Possibility of changing roles.
  • Letting the young people learn by explaining.
  • Strengthening of family relationships.

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