Organisation: Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)

Original name of the project: Top@ DIPC.

Duration of the meetings: one month prior to the meeting to prepare the questions before the actual meeting.


 Every year a meeting involving over 300 people is held between leading researchers and secondary school students. At the event, after the presentation of the scientists, the students have the opportunity to ask them about their lives, research and scientific careers, and see that these great scientists are normal people.

 Students prepare questions in advance at the centre. During the event, the questions are selected by drawing lots. At lunch time, students have the opportunity to talk in a more relaxed way with the scientists. The aim of the meeting is to “inspire” scientific vocations and promote scientific culture.


  • Preparation of topics in advance at school.
  • Designation of representatives by the schools (3 or 4 students per school).
  • Chance to get to know world-class professionals (take selfies, etc.).
  • The commitment of these great scientists to STEAM education. The young people are included as part of a wide audience.
  • Detailed and general questions.
  • It is positive for scientists, too.
  • Setting an example for Europe.

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