Recommendations for STEM professionals when meeting young people

The recommendations we would make to organisations with STEM professionals when contacting young people.


– Give the participants (researchers, professors…) specific guidelines.

– Design experiments and actions that require few resources.

– Assume the role of advisers.

– Take into account the reality of and usefulness for each school.

– Flexibility and openness of designs.


It is recommended that children in Pre-primary and Primary Education be integrated from the age of 3, although most of the participants will be between 10 and 14; adult activities can also be designed.


 It is important to value professionals as role models, acknowledge their authority and not fall into the trap of gender stereotypes in terms of attitudes and behaviours. For example, do not allow the strength of a woman who is in contact with young people to be undermined or for her to be superseded. We are creating models and without realizing it we may repeat some of the causes that lead to the situation we are intending to change.


It is essential to create networks and alliances with teachers, schools, companies and environmental agents. It is very interesting to document them, analyse what has been done in other places and adapt them to each case, as well as “sell” STEAM activities well.


 Working on gender diversity, exceeding standards and ensuring gender equality are ongoing tasks. We are interested in promoting women’s visibility, identifying them, involving them, etc.


“Science: go out into the town square!” It is important to foster positive emotions around science and its values: teamwork, common goals and diversity of projects as enriching.

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