Recommendations for researchers


Great attention and interest are attached to professionals, by way of example, and there are many recommendations for showing what their normal daily lives are like:

It changes the stereotyped image of the researchers: they may be bad students, they engage in  normal leisure pursuits, they are generally “normal”.

Transmit real experiences and personal life.

They want to know you as you are.

Be natural, do not invent anything in order to look better.


Some recommendations to ensure the success of the events:

 – Put yourself in the shoes of the young people, listen and ask, allow them to be the protagonists. Try to get close to them figuratively speaking.

– Approach schools and students on the basis of experience.

– Adaptation to general language.

– Reinforce the process itself rather than the result (as happens in science).


In this general strategy, professionals can add some touches, such as:

– Fleeing from “excellence” to reality.

– Attaching importance to the fact that detailed research is important but without forgetting the general objectives when being with young people.

– Be based on the keep it simple principle.

– Provide support during the motivation and desire processes of children and young people.

– Try to create relationships of trust.


– Girls need role-models.

– Watch out for the boys’ prominence!

– Attract students from immigrant backgrounds.

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