Coronavirus: The barrier gestures. Why wash your hands?

We propose here an activity for elementary school students, extracted from the Fondation la main √† la p√Ęte resource kit For la Fondation¬†La main √† la p√Ęte, Elena Pasquinelli, Anne Bernard-Delorme,¬†Mathieu Farina About the authors :

  • Elena Pasquinelli : Elena is a philosopher of cognitive sciences. She is an associate researcher at the Institut Jean Nicod (EHESS-ENS-CNRS).
    She joined the La main √† la p√Ęte team in 2010 and is in charge of the Research and Evaluation Department. She also coordinates the actions around the project “Scientific mind, critical mind”, and is interested in the light given by cognitive sciences on learning.
  • Anne Bernard-Delorme, former researcher at Inserm
  • Mathieu Farina. After having passed the agr√©gation in biology – geology, Mathieu did a Master 2 in evolutionary ecology. He then worked as a science teacher.¬†He joined the Fondation La main √† la p√Ęte team in 2015 and is involved in the coordination of the Esprit scientifique, Esprit critique project. In this context, he also works with the network of “Coll√®ges Pilotes La main √† la p√Ęte”.

This activity has been tested during a training session, and re-adapted (see last page of the document). It allows students to understand the scientific and civic interest of hand washing.

ūü•ĄWhy is it SPOON compatible?
Because it is an activity that awakens to the scientific process, with simple and cheap equipment, and it also implies the notion of citizen awareness in the context of the pandemic.

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