Activity : Believe or not believe?


We then worked with the resources of La Fondation la main √† la p√Ęte, the mother structure of the Maisons pour la science, which continues to work in the spirit of investigation taught by the Foundation. This essential and historic partner is a major producer of science resources for teachers and trainers, with concrete ideas for the classroom. Several topics are regularly covered by the Foundation with a hand in the game, and critical thinking is one of them. For our school, we have decided to introduce the participants to an activity called “the power bracelet”.

—-The power bracelet—-

(Original Version of Fondation la main √† la p√Ęte)¬†

Evaluate – From Cycle 3

  • Objective: Learn to distinguish personal opinions from those based on a scientific approach.¬†Know-How Scientific Spirit, Critical Mind: 3.3 – Checking an Information

  • Level 2 : Check information with external sources¬†

  • Teachings / Disciplines: Science and TechnologyAssociated skills: To practice, with the help of the teacher, some moments of an investigation process – To propose, with the help of the teacher, an approach to solve a problem or answer a question of a scientific nature.

 Activity : Believe or not believe?

  • General objective: To learn to differentiate between types of “evidence” and to classify them on the basis of their quality.
  • Process and modalities: From the consideration of an object supposedly endowed with miraculous virtues (the power bracelet), the class considers various arguments concerning it (in the form of cards), brought by various sources (phase 1). They then question and investigate the respective weight of these statements: who should we trust and why (phase 2)?
  • Duration: 1 h 30, distributed over two sessions, plus a possible extension
  • Material: For the whole class/ participants: an image of the power bracelet + cards printed, if possible, in large size.
  • For each pair of students: 1 card game
  • Production: A grid of criteria / questions to ask in order to assess the confidence to be given to the testimony given by a source of information
  • Message for pupils: It is not always possible to verify an affirmation by oneself, by an experiment. We then turn to others, but it is important to recognize, from all sources, those that are reliable. They must be multiple in the same direction, based on scientific experience and carried by experts in the field.


Cards for “Power bracelet activity”Download

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