The collection of “argumentative moulds” for competitions in bad faith

Also another useful resource, produced by CORTECS : “The collection of argumentative moulds for bad faith competitions”.
The exercise consisted in identifying these mouldy arguments in documents such as scams and charlatanism. For example, we used a flyer selling the effects of magnetotherapy, distributed at a fair. But all kinds of documents can be used to play at detecting these fallacious arguments.

Example of argumentative moulds :


Method: Use complicated terms or unknown facts so that the other person does not do not understand, hoping he will not dare to question not to pass for an uneducated.


This situation is reminiscent of the disastrous confederation of Senegambia.

I will not, of course, go back to Kant’s noum矇nales categories, which every student of terminale knows.

互The personal attack (or argumentum ad hominem)

Method: to attack the person (on his morality, his character, his nationality, his religion …) and not his arguments.


Unable to give Heidegger credit, given his Nazi affinities.

How can one adhere to Rousseau’s positions on education, when he abandoned his own children?

訊he argumentative 竄mille-feuille罈 or 竄layer cake罈

Method: Stack a proliferation of weak arguments in a mesh so tight that they reinforce themselves reciprocally without being confronted with each other.


And the flag fluttering? And non-parallel shadows? And the framing crosses? And belts Van Allen? And Stanley Kubrick? All that proves that we never went to the moon!

Tobacco causes cancer, promotes US companies and cigarette butts polluteplanet!

One can have fun dismantling the fallacious arguments in all sorts of presentations/documents that deal with parasciences, paranormal, alternative medicines or conspiracy videos, etc : Examples and instructions:

Sources : : Denis Caroti
Professor of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Collaborator of the Z矇t矇tique Laboratory of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Transdisciplinary Research Collective Esprit Critique & Sciences

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