21st-century skills

Our goal as educators is to prepare students for life and work, and particularly important
are the so-called 21st-century skills. Some of these key skills include:

Do the students have to share responsibility and make key decisions with others? Is their work interdependent?

Knowledge construction
Are the students required to construct and apply knowledge? Is this knowledge interdisciplinary?

Real-world problem-solving and innovation
Does the learning activity require solving a real-world problem? Are the students’ solutions implemented in the real world?

Use of ICT for learning
Are the students active or passive consumers of ICT, or are they designers of ICT products?

Is the learning activity long-term? Do the students plan and assess their own work? Do they revise their work following feedback from the teacher?

When the students communicate their own ideas about a particular concept or topic, are they evidence-based? Is the projects communication message right for the target audience?

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