The steps of a technology project

The steps of a technology project are similar, but not identical. Once the target audience has been defined, the aim of a technology project is to find a technological solution to a problem or to improve a specific product or process. Thus, prototypes are made until the final proposal is approved.

The main difference between the technological process in the educational field and the professional field is the last step; since the ultimate goal of technology projects in the education system is not to patent and market a specific product or service (although there have been a few such cases).
Below are the steps to follow

1.- Identify the problem or need

Identify the problem we want to solve or the need we want to satisfy.

2.- Gather information

Collect and analyse as much information as possible regarding the issues we need to solve or satisfy. Acquiring knowledge in this step is essential for developing a solution.

3.- Look for solutions

In this step, we work on the different ideas for solving the problem.

4.- Project approval

A feasibility study must be carried out to determine the costs, resources and means that will be allocated to production. On the basis of this study, we decide whether or not we will carry out the project.

We make a prototype of what we are going to produce, in the form of drawings, sketches and diagrams, which should be as precise as possible.

5. Design the product

We make a prototype of what we are going to produce, in the form of drawings, sketches and diagrams, which should be as precise as possible.

6.- Plan the work

We list and gather the tools and materials we will use, and organise and plan the distribution of the work.

7.- Make the prototype

In the business world, the final product is produced elsewhere, while in the educational field it is the students who make the final prototype.

8.- Verification and evaluation

Here we find out whether the product functions in the way we hoped it would, and whether it meets the expectations we had in the early stages. Its usefulness

and value must be evaluated. The product is submitted for evaluation by people outside the work team, keeping the target audience in mind.

9.- Communicate

Communicating the product or service created Although, in cases like these, patents are obtained and the product or service is marketed, the main objective of the project is to develop the students skills

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