Knowledge required for developing the projects

Every sound project has, in principle, an exhaustive, well- thought-out list of the knowledge required. Consequently, students are aware that they will need to undertake rigorous and continuous research to acquire such knowledge. When reviewing the knowledge required, students maintain their interest and commitment, and have a sense of accomplishment as they acquire knowledge by answering questions. This allows the formulation of new questions based on their opinions.

In addition, mastery of content language is essential in STEAM education.

Effective vocabulary teaching involves assessing the terminology known by the students, and then strategically directing them to unfamiliar terms.

Bear in mind that the lexicon they use in the statements is derived from the lexicon they acquire; in other words, students can understand a more complex language than they can produce.

A more informal language should not be used to the detriment of academic vocabulary. Remember, the vocabulary assimilated by the students is broader than that used in their projects. Students should hear the terminology used correctly and then plan how to use it in meaningful dialogue. Remember, students benefit from lexicon amplification, not simplification.

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