Preparing and conducting interviews

The students conduct interviews as another element of their project-based learning. In some cases, these interviews help students to identify the needs of clients or a target audience for the development of a particular design, solution or communication strategy. Sometimes the experts interviewed by the students (scientists, historians, activists, etc.) have specialised knowledge or direct experience of the topic the students are working on.

As well as helping to achieve the projects objectives, conducting effective interviews enables students to develop important active communication and listening skills, expand valuable social competences and increase their empathy through their relations with people from different environments. As they gain more interviewing experience, they will realise that people can be one of the most enriching “primary sources”. One way of preparing interviews is to write questions in small groups and then compare them with other groups to ensure that they are clearly understood. We can then do a role-play in the classroom, through which students will learn how to interview external experts.

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