Oral presentation of the research

The oral presentation should be prepared taking into account where and to whom the work will be presented. To deliver a good oral presentation it is essential to practice and calculate the time it will take. Students can practice with their friends or family.

For science fairs, the following structure can be used:

  • Present the topic: Why are we researching this problem?
  • Present the hypothesis or research question.
  • Describe the method used. How did we carry out the research?
  • Describe the findings. What did we find?
  • Present conclusions and assumptions.
  • Did we accept our alternative hypothesis? Or did we answer the initial question? What questions arose? How, or by what means, could the research proceed?
  • Duration of presentation: 10-15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Language: formal.
  • Support material: poster or digital presentation (maximum of 20 slides).
  • It is sometimes useful to have a quick three-minute presentation of the project ready.

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