Inspiring projects: study on the water quality of the streams in Leitza, depending on the riverbed and season of the year


Joana, Olatz and Jaime.




3rd and 4th year secondary school.


To analyse the quality of the water in Leitza, we first decide which part of the stream to take the sample from. We will then obtain or build the instruments we need for analysing the stream. When everything is ready, we will do the sampling and then the physicalchemical analysis. Once this is done, we will do the sampling for the biological analysis. After this, we will go to the laboratory to classify the species obtained from the stream and study the aquatic bacterial colonies.

Teachers notes:

Programmes such as Ibaialde offer various resources for carrying out this type of project. Another option is to use material for aquariums, as there are many affordable products for analysing water.

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