From fruit waste to energy


Nekane, Amaia and Ekhi.


Energy, Technology.


3rd and 4th year secondary school.


To produce ethanol from orange waste, using oranges discarded by stores. Using photometry, we test to see which fruit juice contains the most sugar and whether the decay of the fruit increases the sugar content. We will then distil the juice and produce ethanol. We will see that it is possible to produce ethanol, but we would need many oranges to produce it in large quantities. So we are now looking for situations in which it might be viable.

Teachers notes:

There are several commercial kits for carrying out energy-related projects. These are ideal for first-time energy projects as they contain all the material we need, together with explanatory manuals. As we acquire more experience, we can abandon the kits and instead buy resources individually, which will give us more room for creativity.

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