Effect of the viscosity of six liquids on speed of freezing


Miren and Elias.




High school.


There are various techniques for measuring viscosity. For this experiment we will use a ball and a test tube. Alternatively, we can pour the liquid we want to analyse into the test tube and then place the ball inside. We will calculate the time it takes for the ball to fall to the bottom of the test tube. Once we have calculated the viscosity of each of the six liquids, we will then calculate the time it takes for them to freeze using the freezer.

Teachers notes:

Owing to the complexity of this project, the students have made various adjustments over the past three years and we have studied the projects of others who have researched the same subject, in which we have incorporated some improvements. Continuing to improve a specific project based on what has already been done should not be construed as a lack of originality.

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