Fostering STEM education beyond content: Evaluation methodology for teachers training within the approach developed in SPOON

We are glad to annouce the publication of the report on the evaluation methodology for the SPOONs educational approach. Below you will find a brief overview on the content, the public and the main insights you can find in this report. 

Context of the evaluation framework within the project

Researchers from the TURBA Lab at the Universitat Oberta Catalunya (UOC) have designed and conducted an impact assessment methodology in order to explore the effectiveness of SPOON trainings in reinforcing teachers competences to implement science teaching practices that go beyond STEM content. SPOON trainings were conducted in four settings (Strasbourg, Bilbao, Split and Utrecht) through different approaches. Trainings aimed to strengthen teachers key teaching competences to foster students engagement in science and with the values of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), such as critical thinking and creativity. Specifically, the impacts of the practical trainings in both teachers teaching skills and in their motivations to implement SPOON activities were evaluated. 

The main insights presented in this document were also shared during a multiplier event, held by Maria Heras and Danel Solabarrieta on April, the 29th, 2021. 

Who might be interested by this guide? 

The evaluation is guided by a framework that takes into account the transversal learning goals of SPOONs educational approach. It aims at identifying teachers motivation and confidence towards innovative STEM teaching practices relying on inquiry-based learning, as well as eventual needs and challenges they face when trying to implement them. 

This resulting evaluation methodology is part of the open dissemination materials offered by SPOON, to help trainers evaluate their workshops with teachers. In so doing, this guide can also help any teacher or educator who wants to design teaching activities beyond the content, taking SPOONs approach.

What will you find?

In this guide, you will find information, resources and practical examples about SPOONs approach to the evaluation of the trainings shared by our partners that will help you evaluate your own trainings as well as consider relevant aspects while designing science teaching activities beyond the content.

Specifically, you will find: 

– different kinds of evaluation framework adapted to the specific areas of interest/goals (regarding teachers needs, training process, and trainings insights);

– resources and tools needed to evaluate the training according to: the results, process and needs.

– different steps to take for designing, implementing and analyzing an evaluation.

This document is also nourished by concrete examples of the evaluations that have been conducted in four different countries: Spain, France, Croatia and the Netherlands. It details the context of each training, the evaluation scope, its methodological tools developed and the results of each evaluation.

If you want to have more details on what have been the main insights of the evaluation, they can be found here.:

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