First international pandemic paper frog jump competition

The Spoon project is just one out of countless ERASMUS+ projects which was struck by the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic. We have gathered together the team from France, Netherlands, Spain and Croatia to explore how science topics are shared with younger generations, teachers and other interested parties. The common denominator which glued us together is that science is not only about the content but about various other things hidden behind the science. Things like teamwork, process and history, just to name few, are as important as the final result. Science is hard work and most of the time an extremely competitive process.

Our Croatian partner from Science Factory started exploring a variety of options to engage with students remotely during the lockdown and without having students in the classroom anymore. By questioning the teaching practices and at the same time creating a set up for the students to engage differently in online school Bojan Markicevic created the first international pandemic competition in paper frog jump. The video was published on youtube with simple instructions on how to make the origami frog. The major goal was to evaluate if the students understood the importance of repetition in doing experiments, variable control and error analysis but on top of it without smaller importance to have fun, play, practice fine motor skills in fast developing technological society.

You are invited as well to make yourself a frog, personalize it and do a couple of measurements with error analysis. Take into account absolute maximum and relative error and place your results in the youtube comment section under the video.

Good luck.

Why is it SPOON compatible?
Because it is a partners questioning of its own practices, disrupted by the pandemic and distance learning. By exploring different ways of sharing the key message behind the project how science teaching is not only about the content.

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