Can science teaching be used to enrich the awareness of our place in the universe

One of the stories beyond science are the stories of humanity and being humble about the place where we live. Science is offering an approach to learn, explore and understand the processes around us and within that process to be responsible toward research and others around us. Our Croatian partner made a third video in series about aggregate states of matter explaining the physics and chemistry behind the second most present state of matter in the universe, gaseous state. However in this video as in our project science teaching is not only about the content but also about developing points of view on how to observe complex relationships in nature. 

One thing is placing the context in the realms of learning, following the curriculum and explaining the scientific models behind the gaseous state of matter, the ideal gas model. This video is explaining the basics of molecular kinetic theory, the concept of pressure and, the dependence of temperature and the volume in ideal gases. That interesting interplay of molecules and atoms when they have enough energy to be free. On the other side, gas, as previously mentioned, is one of the most abundant state of matter in our visible universe. That state makes up only 5% of what we know about the universe. The awe of our neighborhood and more than it. Take a look at the video and notice how content is placed in understanding our place in the universe.

Why is it SPOON compatible?
Because it is a partners questioning of its own practices, disrupted by the pandemic and distance learning. By exploring different ways of sharing the key message behind the project how science teaching is not only about the content.

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