The importance of measurement

Throughout the history of humankind communication was one of the foundations of our civilization. From the age of hunter gatherer tribes to the modern age exchange of goods and materials is the keystone of economy and wellbeing. Science managed to decrease dichotomy by slowly implementing and integrating standardized measuring units.
In this video made by Bojan, our Croatian partner from Science Factory, he is exploring the context of development of measuring techniques for temperature. From the first thermoscopes to the definition of various scales for measurement of temperature. This video has english subtitles so use them in order to see how science is not only about the content but about the processes behind it. 

This video is bringing the story of how humans developed the device to measure the temperature and how that device works. It was a pioneering work of Santorio Santorio, Galileo Galilei and Giovani Francesco Sagredo who developed an instrument for the measurement of temperature as a consequence of some other inquiries they had. This video is explaining particle vibration, rotation and translation using the same metaphors as in one of the previous videos. At the end Bojan is describing the long quest of establishing a reproducible and well defined temperature scale.聽聽

馃Why is it SPOON compatible?
Because it is a partner鈥檚 questioning of its own practices, disrupted by the pandemic and distance learning. By exploring different ways of sharing the key message behind the project how science teaching is not only about the content.

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